About Me

My name is Kyla, and I am an eighteen-year old college student who has a passion to live for Christ and defy culture’s expectations. A few random things about me are that I absolutely love dark chocolate, scheduling, reading, and hanging out with my friends and family. I have five siblings, of which I am the oldest. I have been blessed with a Christian family whom I am so thankful to for the love, support, and guidance that they have given me my entire life.

Over the past year specifically, God has opened my eyes to the immense need for Christ’s followers to be warned of the poison of worldliness, especially us young people. I desire to raise awareness to the dangers of worldliness and sound the call for battle against the carnal powers of this world. I desire for God’s followers to rise up against peer pressure, worldly expectations, and what is “cool,” and instead pursue what is right. I desire for us to shine in the midst of this pervasive darkness and live for God’s glory. I hope that you enjoy this blog and join me in pursuing godliness as we resist the allure of this perverse culture.

Contact Me

I would so love to communicate with you! If you need any prayer, have questions, or simply want to communicate with me, PLEASE don’t hesitate to message me by filling out this form. I so want to hear from you and fellowship with you all! We all desperately need community to help us in our walk with the Lord. I would be so delighted to hear from you!

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