A Poem: The Mirror

You know the struggle. Society pressures us to be and look a certain way. It can be so tempting to give in to the world and focus on the way we look and how others view us. Do others like us? Do they think we are awkward? Are we just mistakes? Are we beautiful? As we wrestle with these questions, they should ultimately direct us to our Maker and Creator. He created us in a unique way and for a very specific purpose. Who are we to question the way He created us?

A few months ago, I wrote a poem that speaks to these struggles. As you read it, remember this verse from Psalm 139: 14 that says, “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.”

The Lord made you and me in a very specific way and for a very specific purpose. He delights in His children and He loves us. I hope that you enjoy this poem and that it encourages you!


In the mirror
Who was this?

The imperfection was engraved on her face
Her flaws reached to the crevices of her very being
She fumbled and stammered
Her gait lacked grace
Who was this?
She was unlike any other
What was her purpose?
Crystal drops flowed in sequence
Her purpose was yet hidden
Her meaning unseen
Was she a mistake?
In the midst,
Thoughts awakened
Who was this?
She was imbedded with flaws,
Yet she was unique
She was clumsy,
Yet she was designed
The maker of the galaxies,
Casting them in a swirl of dance and song
The maker of the whistling wind,
Rustling the golden leaves
The maker of the bouncy clouds,
Hoisting them in a wide expanse of periwinkle sky

Created her
And that was enough

4 Replies to “A Poem: The Mirror”

  1. Kyla, I just reread this, and it’s beautiful. I especially like the last lines, “The maker of the galaxies,/Casting them in a swirl of dance and song/The maker of the whistling wind,/Rustling the golden leaves/The maker of the bouncy clouds,/Hoisting them in a wide expanse of periwinkle sky” (my favorite part is the last two lines) “Created her/And that was enough”

    I read a book recently by Rachel Jankovic called “You Who.” It is so good, and I recommend it to any young woman. She talks about identity and the lies that the world feeds us (such as “you can be whoever you want to be”), how we should deal with the way we look, and who we as Christian women really are. This poem reminded me of that book, and I thought you might be interested 🙂

    Love you, sister.


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