Looking Back and Moving Forward

Eighteen years ago, I embarked on a journey called life. The years ensued, struggles came, joys abounded, and God’s faithfulness carried me through. Waves of doubt have washed over me, the bends in the road have discouraged me, and sometimes the pain seems to only serve to undo me. But despite my feelings, I know that God is there in the midst of my struggle. Despite the uncertainty, God is certain. Despite the overwhelming changes, God never changes. He remains the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Through the years, I have learned to live in the moment. Every moment is a gift we must use wisely. As Gandalf says, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” Instead of wasting precious moments, we can utilize them to serve others and the Lord. Rejoice in your work, rejoice in the mundane, and rejoice in the heartache. For even when circumstances change for the worst, God remains our rock in the storm. When all seems uncertain, rejoice in the certainty that Christ holds you fast, and you will one day see Him face-to-face.

I have also learned that the Lord has a purpose in all of His working. God works all things for “our good, for those who are called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28). He orchestrates the threads of pain and uncertainty to create a vibrant and beautiful tapestry that ultimately points to the Divine weaver of trials. I have been in awe as God has used different trials in my own life to break my heart for others. He has truly used circumstances that the world would deem as worthless to turn my eyes upward and outward. He weaves every circumstance into his larger plan, finally reaching its culmination when we reach the home we have never stopped longing for.

As the changes show up at your front door, do not let your heart sink below the brink. Seize every moment the Lord has ordained you to be a steward over and use your time and energy to invest in those who bear your Creator’s image. Rejoice in the sorrows as well as in the joys, for God has a divine purpose for your suffering. When all seems to fail, remember that God holds the threads in His hands. And He will continue to weave your story until He finally brings you home. Let this illuminate us with the hope to endure the uncertainty, for God is always faithful.

2 Replies to “Looking Back and Moving Forward”

  1. Loved this post Kyla. I agree. I sometimes look back over what the Lord has done for me and it’s amazing to see the moments where I thought it was hopeless were actually moments of great joy and admiration for the Father. It’s incredible to realize how much God loves you that He took your pain and turned it into joy.


    1. Thank you so much! Amen to that. I completely relate. It is in the darkest of circumstances that the light of Christ shines all the clearer. It is so amazing to look back and remember where Christ has brought us and where he is leading us. I’m so glad that this post blessed you!


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