Personal Post: My Journey of Grief

Wow! It’s been about a month and a half since I last posted. It’s so good to be back! This month has been incredibly hectic, hard, and trying, yet the Lord has taught me so much through all of it. I have not done a personal post yet, but here it goes!

     “There was a death in the family,” my mom said quietly after hearing the news. I waited in dread as I leaned forward to hear what had happened. My dad uttered the words, “It was my dad,” as the shock overwhelmed me and I burst into tears. Nothing could have adequately prepared us for the upcoming journey that lie ahead.

We took an emergency trip to Florida to be there for the rest of the family and for the funeral of my grandfather. It ended up being such an amazing time as we were able to cry together, comfort each other, and share memories.

     In the weeks that followed when we returned home, there were days that were peaceful and good, but there were also days that I felt a heavy weight on me as I went about my day. I realized that grief does not last for merely a few days or weeks. It will come and go for an entire lifetime.

     I am trying to go through this time with joy, contentment, and with responsibility as I seek to be a blessing to my family and others during this very difficult time. I am striving to be closer to the Lord as well and come to Him with all of my needs. I know I will fail at times, and I already have, but thankfully I know that God’s grace covers me. 

     Prayer is definitely needed for my family at this time as we seek to navigate this time and glorify God even in the midst of pain. Although it has been very trying, I have already learned so much that I will share with you in the weeks to come! Stay tuned!

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