Teens at the Movies: Toy Story 4

Another Toy Story??? Yes, it’s true. I was skeptical at first, and to be honest, I didn’t like it after I first watched it. But after undergoing some therapy due to my heartbreak, I found this movie to be, while slightly devastating, refreshing and sweet all at once.

     Bo-Peep is back in this thrilling adventure to find lost Forkie, a spork crafted by Bonnie into her favorite toy. Along with several new lovable characters such as Bunny, Ducky (my personal favorites), and Duke Caboom, the entire gang is back together again to help with this utterly important task.

     The theme that stands out the most throughout the entirety of this action-packed story is loyalty. Since 1995, we’ve journeyed with Woody through Pizza Planet, Sid’s house, an airport, Sunnyside Daycare, and now a fair. Through all of this, he remains loyal to his kid and is determined to never give up, even when doing so seemed the better thing to do in the moment.

     In “Toy Story 4,” although Bonnie has stopped playing with her cowboy doll, Woody is still determined to keep Forkie in his sight constantly so that he doesn’t “throw himself away.” He is ever loyal to his kid and to his fellow toys, and his motto, “Never leave a toy behind,” proves this quality of his as he takes risks and sacrifices so much in order to save his friends. 

     As we watch this movie, we can learn so much about friendship. We all love Woody, and deep inside, we all want a friend like this. We all want someone who is loyal, sacrificial, caring, and I must repeat…LOYAL.

     But do we realize that we can be this kind of friend ourselves? Instead of waiting around for a loyal friend, we can be that loyal friend that we all want. We can learn to care about others more than ourselves, and think about their interests over our own. Like our childhood hero Woody, we can sacrifice for others, even if it means we don’t get anything in return. It’s called a sacrifice for a reason; it’s not easy.

     Although we can strive to be a loyal friend, our loyalty will never come to perfection. However, there is One whose perfect loyalty led Him to sacrifice Himself for His children. He is a perfect friend and Father, and is the One we can run to with our anxieties and problems. He will never leave even one if His children behind, no matter what we may do.

     As we pray to become caring and loyal friends, let’s look to Him who is always loyal to us. As we pray to become better friends, let’s look to the example of Christ on Calvary to show us what it means to truly be loyal.

     So as you laugh and cry all at once, remember that you can be the loyal friend that you want to have yourself. Remember also, that whenever you fail, God’s loyalty never fails even then. After all, “You’ve got a friend in [Him].” 

2 Replies to “Teens at the Movies: Toy Story 4”

  1. This is so true. We all want that loyal friend… but are we willing to be that friend? And if we are willing, are we capable? It’s hard sometimes to live up to the standards I want the people around me to live up to. Praise God “that whenever [I] fail, God’s loyalty never fails even then.”
    I am praying for you Kyla!


    1. You’re so right! It is tempting to want others to be there for us, while we neglect to be there for others. It can be so tough sometimes, but praise the Lord that He is loyal through all of our failings! Thank you so much for sharing!


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